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Pianos Puig Barcelona organitza regularment esdeveniments relacionats amb el món musical i acadèmic com concerts al nostre local, cursos didàctics i classes magistrals. Posem el nostre espai i els nostres instruments al servei dels músics.

Jonathan Crayford

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Recital de piano

Jonathan Crayford


Improvisació lliure sobre temes clàssics i propis.

Jonathan Crayford

'He’s an artist embedded so deeply within his music that his persona reflects in those terms. It’s as if he were the embodiment of sonic shapes and forms.’
John Fenton jazzlocal32.com

'This is the kind of piano I totally relate to: exploratory, thoughtful, soulful, focused. Those qualities are all sort of contradictory, or at least contrasting, which is why this kind of work is meaningful: because it is multi-dimensional.'
Thomas Conrad critic for Jazz Times

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08012 Barcelona